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Wigmore Hall Learning - PSP - Photo 2 - Credit Benjamin Ealovega

Disadvantaged Children and the Advantage of Promoting Music and Arts Education

We know that children and young people in the UK, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, face enormous barriers to achieving their potential.

The Three Monkies Trust wants want to help to reduce the disadvantages in children’s lives by providing small grants to support activities which:

  • Support children and young people to develop skills and knowledge for life
  • Offer practical support to enable children and young people to realise their full potential and get the maximum benefit from education and training
  • Provide access to opportunities which increase resilience, self-reliance and the ability to exercise choice and control over their lives

Three Monkies principally aims to provide these opportunities by supporting music and arts education.

We regret that we do not fund projects or work which deal mainly with physical health, including medical equipment, interventions, research or hospices.

Music, dance, singing (key performing arts) are life-enhancing activities, benefiting individuals and society more generally. They can provide stimulation and fun, opportunities for self-exploration and discovery, scope for building relationships and for learning about others.

Access to music and arts education is too often limited by personal and financial circumstances. The Trustees want to promote accessibility to music and the arts by supporting local-level charities and other non-profit organisations which can have a direct impact in this area.

We regret that we cannot support applications from individuals or groups of individuals seeking financial support for their own training.

How To Apply

Applications are welcome from small to medium-sized charitable and non-profit organisations. Funds are also sometimes granted to projects  based within larger organisations where the programme of which it is a part has a budget of less than £500,000.

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