Three Monkies Trust

What We Fund

Disadvantaged Children

We know that children and young people in the UK, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, face enormous barriers to achieving their potential.  The Three Monkies Trust wants to help to reduce the disadvantages in children’s lives by providing small grants to support activities which support children and young people to develop skills and knowledge for life

Music and Performing Arts Education

Music, dance, singing (the performing arts in short) are life-enhancing activities, benefiting individuals and society more generally. They can provide stimulation and fun, opportunities for self-exploration and discovery, scope for building relationships and for learning about others.

Affordable Housing

Affordable, decent housing is a pre-requisite to good physical and mental health and wellbeing. Those employed in key health, education and other social services are adversely affected in multiple ways by lack of access to affordable housing in the vicinity of their places of work.